Information on Social Studies of Science, Nursing Science, Demography

Information on the study programs of Science and Technology Studies, Nursing Science and Demography can be found in the student portal and on the departments’ websites. Students and prospective students of these study programs may directly contact the respective departments.

StudiesServiceUnit Sociology

Department of Sociology, 3rd floor, room 310

Staff contact information

Studienservicestelle Soziologie, Inst. f. Soziologie, 3. Stock

Office hours

Office hours during the semester:

Tue  10.00-12.00
Wed  10.00-12.00
Thu   14.00-17.00

No opening hours during periods when there are no classes (All souls' Day, Whit Tuesday...).

Office hours during holidays

Tue  10.00-12.00

Outside these times we ask for prior arrangement of an appointment.

Members of staff

Natalia Fabian
3. Stock, Raum 315
Kontakt und Sprechstunden

area of responsibilities:
submittal of terminations of a degree program
supporting the directorate of studies in course planning
mail box management
contract administration
copy codes and key issuance for teaching staff

Christa Hanl

3. Stock, Raum 315
Kontakt und Sprechstunden

area of responsibilty:
room scheduling and schedule for teaching
registration system
exam management
examinations before an examination committee
website and alumni-newsletter editor
Support for teaching staff (exam management, Moodle)

Katharina Bergrin

3. Stock, Raum 314

area of responsibilty:
acceptance of recognition applications
appointments for public defence
coordination of exam invigilators
general questions regarding the degree program

Area of responsibilities

 The StudiesServiceUnit Sociology is part of the StudiesServiceCenter for Social Sciences.

We are the first point of contact for teaching staff for questions regarding the administration of their courses and we assist students in administrative issues regarding the degree programs of sociology:

-          submittal and collection of recognitions

-          submittal of terminations of a degree program

-          organization of public defences and examinations before an examination committee

-          registration to courses and exams

-          record of exams

-          u:space

-          handing in of assignments and term papers

-          switching to new degree program

We advise students on topics of administration and study law concerning the degree programs of sociology. For questions regarding the content of the degree program please refer to the students’ representatives.