Welcome to the Sociology Directorate of Studies

The Sociology Directorate of Studies is responsible for the degree programmes in Sociology, Social Studies of Science Research, Nursing Science and Global Demography.

Sociology is offered at the University of Vienna by the Department of Sociology as a six-semester bachelor and a four-semester master's programme. Students from other bachelor programmes may, as part of extension curricula, attend certain courses in sociology. Courses associated with the above-named degree programmes are offered for the most part in German; therefore, please note that appropriate language skills are required for the study of sociology. For this reason, please note that further information concerning the curricula is available in German only.

Information about the degree programmes in Social Studies of Science Research (Science-Technology-Society‘ offered in English), Global Demography (offered in English) and  Nursing Science can be found in the univie web portal. Should you be interested in these courses, please contact the colleagues of the responsible institutes directly.