Directorate of studies 23


The directorate of studies oversees the degree programs in Sociology, Social Studies of Science, Global Demography and Nursing Science. The directors of studies is responsible for organization and legislation concerning study matters. Therefore, the directorate is the main point of contact for students and teaching staff.

U. Zartler photo: citronenrot ©


Director of studies: Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Ulrike Zartler, Privatdoz.

Vice-director of studies: Ass.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Michael Parzer
(Responsibility: Sociology)

Vice-director of studies: Assoz.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Maximilian Fochler
(Responsibility: Social Studies of Science/Science-Technology-Society)

Vice-director of studies:  Assoz. Prof. Mag. Mag. Dr. Elisabeth Reitinger, Privatdoz.
(Responsibility: Nursing Science)


The directorate of studies receives administrative support from:

Katharina Bergrin (StudiesService Unit Sociology – contact information  01-4277 DW 49106)
Natalia Fabian (StudiesService Unit Sociology - contact information and office hours 01-4277 DW 49105)
Christa Hanl (StudiesService Unit Sociology – contact information and office hours 01-4277 DW 49104)

Karin Neumann 
(Department of Science and Technology Studies 01-4277 DW 49601)
Ulrike Ritter  (Department of Science and Technology Studies 01-4277 DW 49601)
Klaudia Zeliska (Department of Nursing Science /Department of Demography  01-4277 DW 49193)


The directors of studies are responsible for the following tasks, among other things:

  • issuing official notices of recognition of exams, for courses to be held abroad, putting together examination boards, etc.
  • reports as part of admission to degree programs
  • demand oriented planning and organization of courses and exams of one or several degree programs (curriculum)
  • carrying out quality insurance measures regarding study and teaching
  • signing graduation certificates and diploma supplements

The directors of studies are appointed by the rectorate, with recommendation of the head of the dean’s office (after a hearing from the senate and the faculty conference). The duration of term of office is two years, reappointment is possible. Scientific staff, who are assigned in corresponding areas of teaching and research at the University of Vienna, can be appointed to the function of director of studies. In order to fulfill their responsibilities the director of studies’ duties in teaching and research are reduced.