Schedule and Prerequisites

Schedule: Recommended Order of Study

The following includes recommendations on organizing your master’s degree program regarding content and timing. The program is set up with the goal of deciding on your thesis’ topic by the end of the first semester. That way you can select courses for the remainder of the program in accordance with the topic of your thesis. Students, which have been admitted to the program in condition with fulfilling requirements (= additional prescribed courses from the BA program Sociology for previous study programs in a different subject), are advised to complete these courses at the beginning of the program in order to compensate for a lack of knowledge and to facilitate an easier understanding of required modules.

The curriculum states only one prerequisite, which has to be strictly abided by:
It is required to first successfully complete the module MA M – Applied Methods and Research Strategies before being granted access to registration for courses designated to research specializations.
This regulation also applies when you wish to have a course, designated to research specializations, be recognized for the module MA SE – Advanced Sociology. We therefore strongly recommend prioritizing the completion of the courses designated to the module MA M – Applied Methods and Research Strategies and completing all the required assignments on time.

Furthermore, you should also attend courses designated to the module MA T – Sociological Theories at the beginning of the program. In this case there is no regulation set in place, which hinders you from registration to other courses. However, we do recommend completing the courses designated to the module MA T early on. Completing requirements is also not regulated as a prerequisite for registration to courses. Although we do strongly advise their completion as soon as possible due to the before mentioned reasons.

Disclaimer for students starting out in the summer term
The lecture designated to the module MA M – Methods cannot be offered each summer term. If the lecture isn’t being offered, starting out in the summer term is still possible. Access to study materials on the study platform Moodle can be facilitated by registering for the lecture held in the winter term on u:space. In this case there will be an additional exam date set up for the lecture held in the winter term. If possible, a review course will be organized, which will aid in preparing for the exam but will not be a replacement for independent and timely studying for the exam.

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Recommended Order of Study

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Master's Thesis
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