Bachelor’s programme sociology

Contents, goals, and occupational areas of the study programme

Our modern day society with its contradictory developments – ranging from refined technological mastery of nature and increasing hazard to the environment, growing inequality while the rich get richer, climbing rates of social isolation despite condensed communication – demands systematic-scientific processing of societal shifts and relations. The bachelor’s programme sociology provides the necessary theoretical and methodological knowledge for this endeavour, while setting its focus on methods. In Addition to an introduction to the various paradigms in research, students will get a fundamental understanding of the application and execution of social-scientific research.

The bachelor’s programme sociology provides fundamental social-scientific skills as well as a key understanding of theories, methods, and applications. The goal of the study programme is general professional qualification based on scientific training. The programme lasts for 6 semesters and includes 180 ECTS-Points (ECTS=European Credit Transfer System; 1 ECTS-Point equals an average workload of 25 hours).

The bachelor’s degree is set up to prepare for jobs in various fields, such as research and education facilities, private and public institutions, economy as well as regional, national, international, and transnational organisations.

German language proficiency

When applying to this programme, please keep in mind that a proof of German language proficiency at Level C1 is required. In order to acquire level C1 you may participate in a German course of the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities (VWU).  The majority of courses are taught in German, while the few select offered courses taught in English would not suffice to complete this degree.

Brief description of the entry to the programme

Here you can find a short summary of the most important aspects before and during the start of the semester:

1)   Registration, application procedure, admission

Timely registration and completion of the online self-assessment are required in order to start the bachelor’s programme of sociology. In case the number of applicants exceeds the current capacity, an additional application procedure will be conducted. The application procedure and admission is regulated by a centralized university office. Therefore, please refer to the student web portal of the University of Vienna for further information.

2)   u:account

In order to register for courses and exams and to have full access to the student web portal u:space,  an active u:account is required. Please only use your student email account when corresponding with lecturers as well as administrative staff of the University to comply with data privacy laws.

3)   Course registration

u:find – course directory: current information regarding courses held during the winter term available on July 1st and those held during the summer term on January 15th.

Register for the courses from the Introductory and Orientation Period and for the lectures from the module social-scientific basics of sociology:

4)   Introduction day

We recommend attending the information event at the beginning of the semester (introduction day of the propaedeutic course) and/or taking advantage of the information offered by the student support .In addition, assistance with the first steps in your studies and during the semester is offered by the students’ representatives/BaGru.
During the first session of the remedial course at the start of the semester you will receive important information on orientation at the start of your studies, on questions regarding study law and on the future process of your studies. You will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the facilities of the institute of sociology and to get to know future fellow students.