Bachelor’s programme sociology

German language proficiency

When applying for this programme, please keep in mind that proof of German language skills at Level C1 is required. In order to acquire level C1 you can attend a German course of the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities (VWU).

The majority of courses of the Bachelor's programme are taught in German and the few selected courses offered in English would not suffice to complete this degree.

Study contents, study objectives, occupational fields

Modern society with its contradictory developments - from technologically refined control of nature and increasing environmental hazards, growing inequality despite gains in prosperity, increasing social isolation with condensed communication - demands a systematic scientific analysis of social changes and interrelationships. The Bachelor's programme in Sociology provides the necessary theoretical and methodological knowledge for this. One focus of the course is on methods. It introduces students to the various research paradigms and imparts fundamental knowledge about the application and implementation of social science research.

The bachelor's degree programme in sociology imparts basic social science competences as well as central knowledge in sociological theories, methods and applications. The aim of the degree programme is a general professional qualification based on a scientific education. The programme lasts 6 semesters and comprises 180 ECTS points (ECTS=European Credit Transfer System; 1 ECTS point corresponds to an average estimated workload of 25 working hours).

The bachelor's degree programme is designed to prepare students for employment in various fields such as research and educational institutions, in private and public institutions, in the economy as well as in regional, national, international and transnational organisations.

Beginning of studies: brief description

We recommend that you attend the information event at the beginning of the semester (introductory day of the propaedeutic programme) and/or take advantage of the information offered by the student advisory service. You will also receive support during the first steps into your studies and during the first semester from the student representation organisation (Bagru).

Here you will find a brief summary of the most important points before and at the start of the semester:

1) Registration, admission procedure, admission to studies

Timely registration for the admission procedure and completion of the online self-assessment are absolutely necessary in order to be able to start a bachelor's degree programme in sociology. If the number of persons registered for the degree programme exceeds the number of available places, an entrance examination must be carried out.
Admission procedure and admission to studies are not organised by us but centrally for all degree programmes of the University of Vienna, which is why you will find all further information about this not here but on the central website for students of the University of Vienna.


2) u:account

In order to register for courses and exams and to be able to use the student portal u:space in its full function, you need your u:account. Use your student account for e-mail contact in the context of your studies (data protection legislation).


3) Course registration

u:find - course catalogue: current information on courses for the winter semester is available from 1 July, for the summer semester from 15 January.

Register for the courses of the Studies Induction and Orientation Phase and for the lectures from the module Social Science Fundamentals Sociology:

STEOP - VO Basics of Social Science Methodology*.
STEOP - VO Subject-specific Introduction Lecture Part 1 and Lecture Part 2**
STEOP - KU Propaedeuticum Sociology**

SGS - Lecture 1: Theory and History of Science
SGS - Lecture 2: CurrentSsocietal Issues and Social Science Research

* The lectures Steop - Basics of Social Science Methodology and the lectures from the module BA SGS are offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences for three study programmes.
In the winter semester, you can choose to take courses offered by sociology or other social science fields of study. Which lectures in this module are offered by which institute can be found in the course catalogue (cf.: BA SGS -> recommended courses of other institutes). Further information is available from the SoWi Steop+ team.

**In the summer semester, due to the low number of first-year students, only a joint preparatory course for the module examination Subject-specific introduction can be offered instead of the lectures.

4) Introduction day

During the first unit of the propaedeutic course shortly before the start of the semester, you will receive important information on orientation at the beginning of your studies, on questions regarding study law and on the further course of your studies. You will have the opportunity to get to know the premises of the Institute of Sociology and to make first contacts with future fellow students.